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TMSRRE part 11: Anna


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Anna De Rijk @ Viva (London)

Last december we had a sudden peak of love for Anna brought by some awesome memories of her from backstage at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and an editorial by Jonathan Leder published in A4. Now she's giving a complete image of what her potential looks like walking for the best designers in London. With a list including Topshop Unique, Armand Basi One, Margaret Howell and Ann-Sofie Back, no one can deny British catwalks love her. And we just hope it won't stop her (at least it seems London could be hers till the end and knowing she's signed with Viva Paris too and she has her showcard from Women Milan, our hopes rely on more than just feelings). Seems our favorite Paparazzi-girl has found her way. Sudden unexpected crushes can turn into reality sometimes.



    she did PRADA !!

    Posté par anka, 01-03-09 à 08:48 PM

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