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TMSRRE part 12: Edythe
Edythe Hughes @ Elite (NY), Models1 (London), Why Not (Milan), Ford (Paris)

If we were already glad to see her walking in New York, we're even more delighted by her first steps in London this season. She booked a handful of decent shows like Dennis Basso, Tory Burch, Threeasfour and especially Prabal Gurung more worth for the high quality of their casting than their actual coverage worldwide. No eye-catching name in the list, just a good exposure among a wide range of great girls. London sees it differently, it seems. She left the confidential castings for some highly watched catwalks like Topshop Unique, Ann-Sofie Back and Basso and Brooke so far. Showing by the way how her unique look can adapt to various styling going from dark to almost funny. If her editorial life remained rather quiet these last months, we keep in mind some good memories from Dealer de Luxe, Velvet or Mixte and considered her story in Numero Tokyo by Alex Cayley as a major alert (sharing the spotlights with the most promising: Juliana Schurig, Marloes Horst and Pinkie among others). Major alert turning into a major season in London and we simply can't get enough of her as a lovely corpse-bride at Ann-Sofie Back.


    She is gorgeous! I adore her hair and her simple outfit!

    La C.

    P.S.: Thank you for stopping by! =]

    Posté par la couturier, 23-02-09 à 12:44 AM
  • I love her look!

    Posté par essenceanddesir, 23-02-09 à 02:01 PM

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