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TMSRRE part 13: Jandra
Jandra Dziaugyte @ IMG

We're looking at London from our ringside seat. Near and far, close but not enough to get our eyes burnt by Giles. London, this strange place where Luize Salmgrieze and Sara Blomqvist are playing a prominent role on the runway. In a good way of course, the same as Madrid gives more opportunities to shine to Sheila Marquez and Kelli Lumi. Two weeks in one, two atmosphere and much diversity. Even if you need to keep your eyes wide open and your bottom safe in your ringside seat not to miss anything. And not to be misunderstood. Then you'll be able to see that Jandra Dziaugyte is just SO marvelous and doing her marvels at shows like Peter Pilotto (today), Noir (with Alek Alexeyeva in the same casting, could it be more brilliant?) and Ossie Clark. Sure they aren't the biggest of the biggest but we consider their choices of models were la crème de la crème of the week (if you include Margaret Howell, Todd Lynn and Eley Kishimoto as always). The big ones are sometimes big training-grounds for wannabe-Milano-girls. See them at the end of the week. Right now, Jandra is for real. This girl is genius and larger than life. Check her editorial in Encens magazine, make sure you've seen her with the hat. She wears it like that for real.  She's got beauty, she's got style, she's got everything. See you in Paris, Ms. Dziaugyte.

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  • Gorgeous!

    She is stunning - love this review!


    Posté par Couture Carrie, 24-02-09 à 10:58 PM
  • agree.

    Posté par killino, 25-02-09 à 09:54 AM

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