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Meet Simone !


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Simone @ Ulla Models (The Netherlands)

Dutch girls. Some of the most talked-about models these days but we couldn't tell what makes them special apart from the high scouting level and huge efforts from agencies there. Simone is another example. There's no other girl like her, no one shares this unique look but the way Ulla Models is pushing her is very special. They are working a lot on her image and it definitely makes the difference (if you check our feature on Madieke a few posts below you'll get the idea as whole, seeing that the dutch invasion is all about the agencies and not a matter of a specific beauty type). So, what's up with Simone ? She has just started but her book already looks exceptional. We love the idea of the polaroids. Close-up vision.  A quiet and slightly melancholic expression, 16-years-old and a 5'11 silhouette. The best might be her first tests by Gilbert François. Expressive, intense, eye-catching. High contrast and high level. Worth putting no less than ten of them. And worth an update. ASAP.

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