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Hyper-realist fairy tale: Myf # 101


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Myf Shepherd @ Next

It's not the first time you see Myf on this page. You might have seen her even recently as she has an editorial in current Mixte. She's also in the newest issue of Numéro. 101. Shot by Matthias Vriens. The gloomy countryside looks like a fantastic playground for Myf, playing seriously. Strange atmosphere and light, timeless pictures like in a hyper-realist fairy tale. Plenty of details yet impossible to tell why they are here, striking some strange poses, the vibe of the last days of the summer oddly annoucing the spring days to come soon. It's all so bizarre. Visually. On another hand it's so Myf and right in time as she walked for Missoni and Alberta Ferretti in Milan, after setting New York and London on fire. Sweet fire.

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