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TMSRRE part 20: Alla


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Alla Kostromicheva @ Angels (Paris), Union (London), Women (Milan), Women Direct (NY)

It was clearly impossible not to include Alla to our TMSRRE series as we've been following closely her since these times she started to do well in Paris last season. Just an incredible rise, subtle and striking at the same time. The way we like to see a model blossom. It might have been the right time for her and the fashion world will always need her timeless beauty. She's so now but it doesn't show, she belongs to the kind that hardly fades away. Strength of her features, sweetness of her expressions - we've already said it once, twice and thrice on Lexposure: she won't stop. And unstoppable simply means opening Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen (how perfect she is for these two), walking for shows from Calvin Klein to Roberto Cavalli, Moschino to Balenciaga... Do it and still do it.


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