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Even cheetahs are having a rest (but not too long)
Daria Strokous @ IMG (Paris)

There is such a quiet atmosphere in this editorial by Eric Weidt for L'Officiel Paris march '09. Out of time and out of tune. Don't know. Out of this world maybe. A little bit the way it is these days. The after fashion weeks is always strange, everything seems familiar but we feel like strangers in our own life. Well, it never lasts. The pace is getting quickly faster again and we barely have time to sit down and relax. Things are going on again.
Things should go on for Daria Strokous as well. She did a decent season, not the explosive one with a huge list of shows. Just a perfectly selective group of runways. All our favorites in Milan from Albino to Antonio Marras which she closed. Plus a handful of good ones in London and an amazing mix of shows in Paris. She's the girl that walked for Comme Des Garçons and Valentino via Sharon Wauchob and AF Vandevorst. She's the girl who seems to be able to do everything. We haven't seen everything yet. We want to. Keeping our four eyes wide open.

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