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The taste of Cherry Chapstick
Laura Blokhina @ Viva (Paris), Viva (London), Why Not (Milan), DNA (NY)

She didn't break record this season on the runway but she's safe and steady in her editorial career. Safe ? Rather say daring as her work is often tongue-in-cheek and visually striking. As her latest piece in current Mixte by Txema Yeste, style by Francesco Sourigues. Seems the mag likes her and even more. Actually to book her once for an editorial is to love her and magazines remain faithful to Laura, issue after issue. That's no wonder when you what she relentlessly delivers on glossy paper: Vogue Germany by Thomas Schenk, Harper's Bazaar UK by Simon Thiselton or Philippe Cometti or Tesh (already thrice this year), Vogue Russia by John Lindquist plus some more Mixte, Velvet and Plastique including its previous cover. Just to name some random more or less recent ones. It makes quite a list and the shy young lady of her first season in Paris turned into an editorial specialist with quite a laid-back attitude and full of energy in backstage. So why not more shows ? Who knows, who cares. There's nothing better than an interesting career. It feels so wrong, it feels so right.

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  • Wow Wow Wow, Laura!!!
    She looks amazing!!!

    Posté par Model Whispers, 23-03-09 à 03:24 PM

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