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Rhubarb fields forever
Ruta Rimkunaite
@ Metropolitan (Vilnius)

Countryside. Maybe four or five years ago, we would have imagined an empty road in Western Germany, with trees and fields, lonely houses and little villages, food shops selling sliced cheese and Kim Wilde shouting from the cheap radio. Maybe the sound remains, the sudden need to listen to the same old songs on the first days of happy weather. Maybe the smell is still alive on some evenings or early in the morning but the whole idea of countryside might be more abstract today. Rhubarb fields or flea markets are only thirty minutes by car, we've got the impression we have to cross the galaxy to go there. Places outside of the world, we're not even sure it's not rhubarb markets and flea fields. Who knows.
Ruta's countryside story takes place in Spain and in FEW magazine. Another landscape, another atmosphere. Our vision of Ruta (signed with New Madison Paris, Major NY and Group Madrid/Barcelona) has evolved as well. From the shy newbie in Paris backstages to her recent editorials showing quite a remarkable ability to pull out the right attitude, the right mood to her pictures. Exploring. It's a random odd thought and just an image in our heads but we like to see her as the girl who could catch the hidden side of the moon in a paper folder and put it in her book. There is certainly a bit of this in this countryside story.

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