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Ginta Lapina @ Women

Whatever will be will be. This was about to happen, this was in the air and finally it's done. We picked Ginta as our latest Lexposed Face. Well, that's nothing new in itself. No breaking news just a complete round-up. Her season, our feelings, the thrill of the unexpected which raises new expectation. That's our current state of mind. Because of Ginta's wonderful FW 09-10. Read more on our favorite Woman with a plan.

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  • She's great! You guys should be on bloglovin or something, I used to come here everyday but now when I do all my following via google or bloglovin I've missed you totally!

    juliet xxx

    Posté par juliet, 15-04-09 à 04:33 PM
  • hey thanks honey !!
    I added the blog in bloglovin lately but yes, I didn´t
    advertise properly
    bloglovin link doesn´t even appear on this page...
    I have put it here for the moment,

    take care <3

    will update all this asap for it to be more easy to notice...

    thanks for advices anyway


    Posté par maud, 15-04-09 à 05:14 PM
  • she's a classic beauty. i was instantly drawn to her. i really enjoyed her work in teenVOGUE a while back.

    looking forward to her evolution as a women/model.

    Posté par sam, 16-04-09 à 08:47 AM
  • Another Beauty!

    She is so sweet! Lovely facial features!


    Posté par Couture Carrie, 16-04-09 à 05:21 PM
  • encore une beauté fatale ! splendide comme d'habitude(vous choisissez tjs les plus belles) et oui de retour pour de bon (du moins je l'espere) lol

    Posté par mash, 16-04-09 à 06:40 PM

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