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Meet Sonya !


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Sonya Ayrich @ Lilas Models (Russia)

Let's go back to redheads, where our hearts (and eyes, of course) belong. Sonya is one who caught our eyes on two different fronts. First as a redhead, standing out among the various other red-haired and strawberry-blond new faces we've seen lately. Then as a part of Lilas Models, she just stood out again among a very high level group of models there. Twice a stunner. Perhaps you should also take note of her 5'10 (178) height or her seriously remarkable way to photograph. Twice a stunner again, outstanding and photogenic whatever happens.

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    WHOA first picture looks like Sigrid's older sister

    Posté par Model Whispers, 01-05-09 à 05:52 PM

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