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Ann-Marie @ Brand (Finland)

You can't choose between between light-hearted mood and deeper drama ? You feel like today's weather, halfway between some odd rain and a pale sunlight ? You're barely able to make up your mind on where you'll be on may 1st ? We can't give you advices on these questions but definitely feel a bit like that at the moment. Uncertain about almost everything, only sure of one little thing: Ann-Marie is amazing (and signed abroad with Why Not Milan and Union London). It might be important in a near future and she might be the best example one can be both in a light-hearted mood and non-stop dramatic. See the pictures. There's some depth and darkness, there's some fantastic freshness. The best mixture when you remember she's no less than 5'10"5 (179 80-62-89) with a rock-solid portfolio now. Think of Brand's Ann-Marie, now. Think twice if you need to but don't let her go out of your head.

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    Hmmmmm Ann-Marie has been modeling for two years or so now. I remember she wrote me on myspace two years ago saying she just started modeling. I hope she's built up a great portfolio and is ready now for fashion weeks, editorials and New York. She seems to be a sweet and outgoing girl. Looking forward to seeing her working big things.

    Posté par Model Whispers, 01-05-09 à 05:51 PM
  • nice to hear I wish her good luck !


    Posté par maud, 02-05-09 à 06:32 PM

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