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It's Thursday, she's Tuesday

Tuesday @ Liz Bell Agency (Canada) Because tomorrow is a day off, because next tuesday is too far away, we decided to feature Tuesday on a thursday morning. Couldn't wait, now that we have all her most recent material put together. If you have to think of someone during this long weekend it has to be Tuesday among and maybe above others. Seriously, you won't find many girls like her who are 5'11 (34-25-35) with a face like hers and such a beautiful, unforgettable name. There is a lot of brilliant new girls at Liz Bell right... [Lire la suite]
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Work out the Giraffe!

    Jasmine Poulton @ Fusion (NY) First, we put Jasmine on our new faces list when we discovered her via her agency in London, M&P Models. A couple of cool polas were enough to make us aware of her potential. Then we saw her during Couture fashion week in Paris (with Slides) and after meeting her in person for two minutes we were even more positive she might have a bright future. And the future is just now. Right now. She's with Fusion in New York and is getting a killer response there. We were also impressed by... [Lire la suite]
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In the last years of XIXth century

Lia Serge @ Avant (Russia) We couldn't tell you why exactly she was immediately one of our favorite girls from Avant Models in Moscow. It's hard to give a proper explanation as any girl from this agency is purely incredible (think of Ranya, Masha Kirsanova, Maria Babikova and, of course Yulia Kharlapanova). The perfect line-up from A to Z. So, what makes Lia so special for us ? Maybe she's the most mysterious. At least, the way we've been introduced to her was rather unusual. Instead of the classic polaroids of the early... [Lire la suite]
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Wish well and wise up

Ann-Marie @ Brand (Finland) You can't choose between between light-hearted mood and deeper drama ? You feel like today's weather, halfway between some odd rain and a pale sunlight ? You're barely able to make up your mind on where you'll be on may 1st ? We can't give you advices on these questions but definitely feel a bit like that at the moment. Uncertain about almost everything, only sure of one little thing: Ann-Marie is amazing (and signed abroad with Why Not Milan and Union London). It might be important in a near... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Sonya !

Sonya Ayrich @ Lilas Models (Russia) Let's go back to redheads, where our hearts (and eyes, of course) belong. Sonya is one who caught our eyes on two different fronts. First as a redhead, standing out among the various other red-haired and strawberry-blond new faces we've seen lately. Then as a part of Lilas Models, she just stood out again among a very high level group of models there. Twice a stunner. Perhaps you should also take note of her 5'10 (178) height or her seriously remarkable way to photograph. Twice a stunner... [Lire la suite]
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Johanna is our latest Lexposed Face

Johanna Kneppers @ Ford (NY) Since yesterday. See more, read more on why we think she's a professional chameleon. Charming and charismatic, from Just WM in Paris to Ford in NY. From Balenciaga to what's next.
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A genius in making: Anika, part two

Anika Keils @ AM Model Management (Germany) Some girls need an extra update almost immediately after being featured first. Count Anika among them and be sure it's not the end, we'll keep you posted on how she develops. Right now it's all about having a closer look at her via a couple of snap shots. Natural Anika. And it's exactly this way you can feel the power of the potential, the promises and the prowesses. From a laid-back 15-years-old girl to an editorial stunner, sophisticated from head to toe the way is sometimes long... [Lire la suite]
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Clara, clarifying the mystery (but not too much)

Clara Buchanan @ Ford (NY), Viva (Paris) A sleek and peaceful look at first glance, balanced by an oustanding gaze and the lovely shape of her jaw... Clara is a stunner in disguise that only shows the very best of hers when you allow her to do so. It means she's the type of girl we would think of for some precious jobs, where drama and delicacy are equally requested or where mystery is the key word. We could also call her a classic beauty with a twist but it seems we said that too often and she's definitely too remarkable to... [Lire la suite]
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Via, via New York

Via @ New York Models (NY) Say hello to Via and discover how she looks on her newest polaroids... from New York. We were waiting for this moment, we guess since we saw her first among PMST's new girls a little while ago. What's so striking with her ? Her polas can tell you better than us. If you want to translate it into words, it could be something like: cute and impish expressions, intense gaze and playful attitude in front of any camera. You should definitely have a look at her whole book on New York Models' site, her test... [Lire la suite]
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From Submarines to Ferris Wheels: MJ as the Worldwide Wowzer

MJ @ d'management (Milan) We're used to get some wonderful pictures from the girls testing in Milan with d'management but MJ took the whole level one mile higher. With the useful help of talented photographer Karel Losenicky. What a duet, what a combo. The piece is amazing, the story goes one and... we had so much fun picking our favorite pictures! Actually they were all magnificent but we noticed some might "get on well together" if we put them side by side. Like a playful mixture close to motion pictures.... [Lire la suite]
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