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Very Verena (Hundred percent Herself)

Verena @ Ice (Milan)

Brazilian with Austrian roots, she's a fantastic find of Ice Models in Milan (mother agency) and ready to conquer Europe. Or maybe it's better to say she's ready to rock and could be in pole position from London to Hamburg. The kind of girls that can work out any kind of look with the same effortless coolness. Good idea from Ice to feature her with polaroids (good old polas) and to explore a couple of different expressions from the most ethereal-looking lonely girl to the fancy-sunglass-meet-my-tongue faces. She's 5'9 and 16 and according to her book she's at the top on both sleek pictures and dizzy atmospheres. Hundred percent herself and very Verena whatever happens.

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  • Rock!

    Wow!! She definately rocks!!
    xoxo Step in the spotlight

    Posté par SITS, 10-05-09 à 06:04 PM
  • Oh WOW, she is super beautiful. I am in love.

    Posté par Model Whispers, 12-05-09 à 07:15 PM

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