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Denim Dreams Or It Seems

Yulia_karlapanova_by_c%c3%a9dric_buchet_10_magazine3 Yulia_karlapanova_by_c%c3%a9dric_buchet_10_magazine1
Yulia_karlapanova_by_c%c3%a9dric_buchet_10_magazine2 Yulia_karlapanova_by_c%c3%a9dric_buchet_10_magazine4
Yulia_karlapanova_by_c%c3%a9dric_buchet_10_magazine7 Yulia_karlapanova_by_c%c3%a9dric_buchet_10_magazine6

10 Magazine is out four times a year and we’ve already had two editorials with Yulia Kharlapanova in 2009. She was in the Spring issue, she’s there for Summer too. It sounds awesome to say and actually looks awesome when you open the magazine. Yulia caught our eyes on the runway, mesmerized us with her Moschino campaign and never fails to surprise us in any of her recent editorials, both in 10 and Flair.

It’s black and blue and dedicated to Ricardo Tisci’s work for Givenchy, shot by Cedric Buchet and styled by Sophia Neophitou. It’s lovely and loaded with denim and flesh, featuring a very expressive Yulia with slightly red hair who’s doing what she does best. Fearless and forceful faces which are most likely the result of her uncompromising faith in her job as a model, she has also build the international reputation of her russian mother agency Avant Models.


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