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Blessing in disguise

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Elise Helene @ Viva (Paris)

You never know what an event or simply a moment could bring to your life. You never expect it to be as harsh and you don't expect harshness to breed nice things. When words makes, when out of the blue truly means out of the blue. When a happy cell phone makes a happy evening. When a little drama turns out to be blessing in disguise. It's the same with editorials. You expect the best from big names, then get your lovely surprise from a pocket-size glossy.
It's not the first time we're excited about the contents of Biba and this time we got thrilled for Elise Helene by Takao Oshima, all in blue and a little bit in jean, perfect for any baby queen and all the prettiest girls we've ever seen. Belgian designers music rocking on, in our heads. In our dreams. Elise Helene is far away from dreams now, she's living a dream which has suddenly came true. For real. We saw it live. Garage Turenne. Spring 2009 collections, October 2008. Her next season was even more famous, so famous. She walked Lanvin, Vuitton, YSL and Dries Van Noten this time. Fall 2009, March 2009. We crowned her as our Lexposed Face at the end of the same month.

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    wow, stunning

    Posté par haylin, 19-05-09 à 01:49 PM

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