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It's History and Her Story

Sigrid Agren @ New York Models, Elite (Paris)

Winking or winkling, twinkling or blinking. No matter how you call it, Sigrid Agren is eight times on the 300th issue of  i-D. Sigrid is no secret anymore: she’s everywhere a model has to be. After her spread in current W, she has caught today’s most iconic cover.
Shot by Alasdair McLellan and styled by Jane How, Sigrid embodies the atmosphere, the mood of this birthday issue which looks more like a cornerstone in her career and a milestone in the magazine’s life than an actual birthday bash. For both it could be seen as a statement, a cry for creativity in the evening of an era.
We can’t consider it as a simple cover and a simple issue of the magazine, we have to face the present and embrace an idea of the future. We have to keep our faith in crashes and crushes, to keep our belief in such magazines as the phoenixes of the fashion industry. Easy coming, easy scrambling and struggling, but everlasting.
Being on the cover of i-D is already a big achievement in a model’s career. Sometimes a climax. Being on the cover of this issue of i-D is simply being a part of recent fashion history.

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