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Meet Alina !

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Alina Jukova @ Image Discovery (Ukraine)

Once the cruel dilemma of her height was over, we were full force behind Alina. She's only 5'7 (171 exactly and 80-64-90) and 16-years-old but her face was too unique not feature her. Heartbreaking. After all, one picture is worth thousand words if not a million and Alina is one in a million. Perfect skin and intense, expressive blue gaze were enough to balance the few centimeters still lacking but if you need a couple more reasons we could say the incredible shape of her face, her poised attitude in front of the camera - and it's just snaps - etc. Or also a touch of charm. After this it's impossible not to consider Alina.

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  • Jukina or Jukova?

    Posté par killino, 28-05-09 à 05:16 PM
  • Jukova, sorry Mistyped it and mixed it with another girl's name "Tjukina" xx

    Posté par Penelope, 28-05-09 à 06:44 PM

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