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Alyona Zubakina by...

image003 image001
Alyona Zubakina by Jacob Sadrak

image0012 image0022
Alyona Zubakina by Kevin Sinclair

image0015 image0025
Alyona Zubakina by Jordan Doner

image0014 image0044
image0024 image0034
Alyona Zubakina by Bradford Gregory

image0016 image0026
image0036 image0046
Alyona Zubakina by Kristiina Wilson

Alyona Zubakina is our favorite new face at MC2 Model Management but not only. She could easily be one of our biggest favorites of the whole new generation in NY. Alyona has something of a muse, this qualities you can hardly describe but you feel deep inside, picture after picture. Here are some selected pieces of her portfolio, some moments shot by various photographers including a few we regularly feature here like Kristiina Wilson or Bradford Gregory. Check out her latest work with Jordan Doner (recently featured on MC2 blog). Make sure you've seen her work with Jacob Sadrak (a photographer to watch) and Kevin Sinclair (which sleek and classy touch remains a must see in MC2 models rosters). Alyona also worked with James Loveday and another favorite of ours, Cameron Krone, for magazines like Nylon. Seems she's not only our personal muse, seems many photographers share our feelings.

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