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The Viva-DNA Crossover Team
Queeny Van Der Zande @ Viva (Paris)
Kelli Lumi @ DNA (NY)
Nadia Serlidou @ Viva (Paris)
Skye Stracke @ DNA (NY), Viva (Paris)

Viva and DNA. Paris and NY. The two agencies are well-know for some successful models they share and we could drop a few names here. They would ring a bell, both as icons from glorious past eras or as today's most sought-after faces. What about tomorrow ? Who are the iconic girls from Viva, from DNA or from Viva and DNA together ? We could also tell about Elise Helene, our favorite redhead of the moment who's doing well with both agencies. We could mention Alina Ismailova who's been doing quite well over the past two seasons and we could also drop a few lines on Yana Shemshurova, Irina Denisova or Rosie Tupper as the most promising newbies signed with DNA and Viva.

But truth is that Please! magazine did the choice for us and picked four girls signed with DNA, Viva or both. Here we found two Chanel favorites like Skye Stracke and Queeny Van Der Zande (more on the rise you can't), a perennial darling of Nina Ricci recently signed with DNA like Kelli Lumi and an editorial hurricane called Nadia Serlidou. Add an international taste to it as we have one Aussie, one Dutchie, one Estonian and one Greek girl. We could have selected a better team. Sonia Sieff pictured the four aces in a splendid black and white, the statement is clear.

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