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Meet Mag !


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Mag @ PMST (Czech Republic)

PMST is now well-known for some unique finds, unique looks. Unique girls that usually make unique careers. Best examples are called Giedre Dukauskaite (currently walking Prada resort and co.) and more recently MJ. Both are remarkable for being in a class by themselves, setting their own standards regardless of trends and inspirations. They are inspirations. Latest new face from PMST to catch our eyes, Mag has this unique little thing you can't properly describe but can't not to feel. Little details, little extras. The poised attitude, the slightly androgynous look, the shape of her eyes, her cheekbones and chin. Etc. Mag is also one to keep in mind for measurements flirting with perfection: 178 (5'10) 82-60-89. And FYI she's from Czech Republic and she's 18.

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  • wow. i'm really taken by not only her face but also the way she chose to present herself. she has a self-assured 'take it or leave it' magnetism which really makes her stand out from the crowd.

    Posté par sam, 05-06-09 à 10:36 PM

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