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Megan McNierney @ Vision (Minneapolis), Marilyn (NY)

Megan is a perennial favorite of ours and we wouldn't miss an opportunity to drop a few little lines about her, about her recent work. For nothing in this world we would miss it and this time the oppotunity was made of gold. It's Resort collections, it smells like summertime. It's light-hearted creativity all over the fashion world and castings needed some faces who are able to embody that vibe. Miuccia offered us a few visual thrills in her latest Prada and Miu Miu shows and she needed the models who could bring them to life. One of these faces was Megan. Megan McNierney. She wasn't expected there but if you think twice about it, her presence at the show sounds (and looks!) like a perfect match. Her sweet intensity raising step by step. Crescendo. As her whole career, after all. From interesting alternative masterpieces to spotlights, sunlights, stardom(s). While waiting for her next work on glossy paper (larger than life), we've got some unforgettable images from that Miu Miu Resort.

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