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C'est Moi qui l'ai Fait

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Laragh McCann @ Ford (Paris)

Laragh McCann or the unique ability to be where you don't expect her. Laragh McCann or the delightful surprise everytime she appears somewhere. Laragh McCann and her face, her faces, her features. She's been there for seasons now and still manages to keep the mystery alive. And the mysterious appeal works, works well. When you think she's not there, she suddenly book Balenciaga in Paris. When you haven't seen her for months she's suddenly in a brand new editorial. Once again we didn't see this new one in French Elle coming. And we didn't expect it to be swimwear-related. Shot by Elisabeth Toll with a strong emphasis on faces and poses, she works out that lost-in-her-thoughts sensuality with her genius tongue-in-cheek touch. Simply called C'est Moi qui l'ai Fait (basically, I've done It Myself) and focused on DIY fashion, she proves once again that she did it herself. And how she did it.

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