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Ginta Lapina @ Women (NY)

Finally new polas of Ginta and good to see them just in time for her Resort success of these days. She was the cherry on the top at Miu Miu in Paris last March and does it again now, walking for Miu Miu plus Prada on their resort runways (plus Anna Sui and Oscar De La Renta). Ginta's formula is still the same and still works so well. A touch of cuteness, a touch of fierceness that we couldn't overlook on these two catwalks as well as her look who seems to fit the aesthetic of the moment, somewhere between Valeria Dmitrienko and Megan McNierney, two other Prada/Miu Miu girls of the Resort season. A true aesthetic statement focused on classy beauties who are slightly more than just classic, rocking without being shocking and the birth of a new kind of blondes - far away from any cliché. After her recent story in Dazed & Confused, we're getting ready for more Ginta on glossy paper.

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