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Meet Sava !



Sava__1_ Sava

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Sava @ Avant (Russia)

She's the latest little jewel from Avant Models in Moscow (for those who still don't know, the mother agency of Ranya Mordanova and Yulia Kharlapanova among many others) and she's one of the most stunning new faces we've been allowed to see lately. Sava is just 14 but already 5'8 (174) which means we can expect a few more centimeters in a near future. Found by photographer Lev Efimov who shot her first tests above, she's got this little extra we always love with newbies: the innate knowledge of finding the right pose, the right expression. Quite helpful when the girl's got this strikingly cute and striking little face. Intensity on her first polas that just translate into more intensity on test shots. What else ?

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  • Bellissima.

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