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Meet Alice !


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Alice Fredine @ Mode Models (Canada)

Good news from the powerhouse! Meghan Collison, one of the brightest (and darkest) stars ever at Mode Models in on the cover of the new Vogue Italia (July 2009 issue) shot by Steven Meisel which means it's her third cover and his love for her look is completely alive. And going wild in the same editorial as Anna De Rijk featured just below. We still have to be a little patient to see some high resolution pictures of Vogue but we have a little surprise from Mode for now. Alice Fredine might not have the crow-black bangs à la Collison but her fierce gaze and cute face place her at the same kind of high level. Another ready to touch the sky and catch a star ? Alice is 16 and 5'10"5 (179), quite poised (but still wild looking). Perfect mix. Rocking.

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