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Aneu, anyhow


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Aneu @ Uno (Barcelona)

First time we heard of Aneu was last summer. Last days of July or maybe we're completely mistaken and we're just thinking of her as if her beauty has always been around. Not a completely mistaken feeling: Aneu's very own appeal is build on an almost-classic face, timeless beauty and an incredibly deep (even melancholic, even serious and so mysterious) gaze. Aneu (found by Uno) doesn't really follow any trend, she doesn't belong to any aesthetical family of models. Brown hair meets green eyes and the effect is immediate. Instant power. Add a 5'10 (178) silhouette and some brand new pictures telling a lot about her abilities in front of the camera...

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  • Anyone know her last name? Thanks (tell me please)

    Posté par killino, 10-06-09 à 12:29 PM
  • Her last name is Riba Jimenez.

    Posté par killino, 10-06-09 à 12:38 PM

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