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Green Beams


Agnieszka_Gwara2 Agnieszka_Gwara3
Agnieszka_Gwara4 Agnieszka_Gwara5

Agnieszka_Gwara6 Agnieszka_Gwara7
Agnieszka_Gwara8 Agnieszka_Gwara9
Agnieszka Gwara @ Major (Milan)

First face of the day is from Poland, with Major Milan (also Major Paris) and currently in Greece. Global presence for Agnieszka, global look as well - the perfect mix of cuteness and mystery, natural beauty on polaroids and sophisticated expressions on tests. With the rare ability to combine a very edgy side to some more high-end commercial appeal, Agnieszka (174 83-57-86) offers a unique blend to our eyes today and to yours tomorrow. Sure she has her place in the sun(lights). Her green eyes are beaming across the borders.

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