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Whispering loud


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Nikole Ivanova @ 2B Models (Latvia), Ford (NY)

There is something impish in her gaze but it's well balance by some melancholic or even bittersweet expression. Whatever the way we use to describe it, it would never reach perfection and only one thing is sure and safe enough to shout it loud: Nikole's potential is a subtle as endless. And it looks even more obvious now that a new chapter of her career is being written. We've already featured the sweetest Latvian twice since her early beginnings with 2B Models, we can feel the taste of New York in her portfolio with pleasure (and huge excitement about her future) from Ford's typical digital sheet to her new tests by Owen Bruce. The building of a book is sometimes the birth of a legend.

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  • Woooow ces photos trahissent ET subliment la sensualité éthérée d'une "nymphe néo romantique escaped from a Fashion Fairytale pour enchanter notre époque contemporaine" !!!!

    Amicalement, Antoine

    Posté par Antoine, 15-06-09 à 09:28 PM
  • J'adore Nikole et je suis ravie que tu sois d'accord avec moi Antoine ;D

    gros bisous

    Posté par m, 23-06-09 à 03:18 PM
  • Love Nikole! I styled this shoot with Owen Bruce. It will be published in a new Korean zine called Nazine for August. The girl is a natural and very sweet. She will do so well. Her book is wonderful.

    Posté par number2pencil, 07-08-09 à 04:58 AM
  • yes, wonderful look, and wonderful book already, I'm so waiting anxiously for her runway appearances : Thanks for passing by

    Posté par maud, 17-08-09 à 10:11 PM

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