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Whispering loud (extended version)


Nikole_Style003 Nikole0002
Nikole_Style007 Nikole0003
Nikole_Style009 Nikole_Style010
Nikole_Style011 Nikole_Style012
Nikole_Style006 Nikole00006
Nikole Ivanova @ 2B Models (Latvia), Ford (NY)

We couldn't put them all in the same post but definitely couldn't overlook this part of Nikole's portfolio as well. Here is her last story shot by Chuando and Frey while she was developing her book with them. New plans for Nikole include her current work in New York but she's also going to travel in Tokyo this summer (with Bravo Models). We guess we'll have  to update you again on her. And it will be with a huge pleasure, as usual. It's already our fourth piece on Nikole, after all.

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