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Development diaries: Anouk


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Anouk @ Models In Company (The Netherlands)

Two months and two weeks ago we introduced you to this little treasure, precious jewel called Anouk and represented by Models In Company. The very unique shape of her face and her body language turned her into an immediate favorite among this new generation of dutch beauties. So, talkative poses in front of the camera quickly became her trademark and that's what caught our eyes again with these brand new tests (and exclusive snap). Last time we saw her bringing simple studio shots to life and now she's making her first steps outdoors. But whatever, it seems nothing could stop our 5'11"5 (181) brunette.

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  • HUH... is this a joke? Have you seen her ears? Is she really a model with those ears???

    Posté par Cic, 02-08-09 à 08:59 PM

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