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Paris is ringing, Iana is stunning


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Iana Godnia @ Elite (Paris)

It's summer now, it's frenzy soon and it's holidays later. We can already feel the sun and the excitement of Berlin then Paris. Let's stay as clumsy as we are and start with a taste of Paris. Things are getting serious in the City of Lights and lots of good news are coming from this front. Most of the good news are from the freshest new faces in town at the moment. One of them is (actually many of them are) signed with Elite and is called Iana. She's a brunette with brows, both gorgeous and graceful which could be a nice way to leave her marks and make her first steps. She's also 5'9"5 (177), can count on a striking silhouette and is Ukrainian (from Faces in Kiev). Train tickets are booked and soon has never been sooner.

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