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Meet Denisa !


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Denisa @ Ice (Milan)

Denisa is in Milan with her father as she's still young and after 4 days spent doing casting with only 4 polas from her devoted agency Ice Models, she has already managed a couple of great things. A very nice surprise is on the way and you can rely on us to keep you posted. She also worked on her book with photographer Karel Losenicky who was already the eye and the brain behind a few great test shots we've featured lately. With her delicate 5'10 silhouette (178 78-60-88), Denisa might have a few more hidden assets and - who knows - a wildcard to play very soon. We can only keep our fingers crossed and our eyes wide open but this story has to continue this way.

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    i love! beautiful skin tone and long neck. love the long hair.

    Posté par Billy Kidd, 25-06-09 à 04:12 AM

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