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Janete Friedrich @ One (NY)

Glossy hair, dark lipstick, leather jacket and tie. Catch the style and feel the distant fire. There is something serious about her look and it's quite a prowess in itslef as it takes to be a fabulous model to make orange hair look so serious. There is something distant in her expressions which makes them truly classy. And classic, somehow. We know it's probably the last word someone would have in mind regarding Janete's beauty type but we truly feel this classic vibe on her story shot by James Mahon. Revealed by her polas from One, tests by Anderson and her exclusive walk for Rad Hourani, the Brazilian (from Way Models in Sao Paulo) who looks sensitive, andogynous, strange, classic, gorgeous, otherworldly and human - all at the same time, all in one - is building a more-than-flawless portfolio.


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  • I love this girls look. i don't think she can do any wrong.

    Posté par Billy Kidd, 01-07-09 à 11:26 PM

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