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September seems so soon

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Laine Rogova @ 2B Models (Latvia)

Laine belongs to our perennial favorites now and it's quite a huge thing for a girl we could still describe as a new face. She's already working for a little while yet she's still at her beginnings. Though, all we've seen of her portfolio was purely amazing. Thrilling. Soft power might be the word to describe her potential. She looks sweet, soft but can work out any mood for any kind of editorial. Latest example ? Her new spread in Dutch Glamour shot by Anna Rosa Krau. Delicate and graceful. And simply stunning. Always simply stunning. From Latvia to the world (Ford NY etc.), Laine is currently doing extremely well with Image Models in Tokyo. September seems so soon...

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  • Hoping she will have equal success in NY and actually in Milan as well.

    Posté par AX80, 06-07-09 à 10:25 PM

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