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Ramune Mickeviciute @ Metropolitan (Lithuania)

We wrote it last time and we could say it again, Ramune is a model who only gets better with time. Improving her skills, showing how powerful her poses and expressions get with each new picture. This is exactly what happened again and keeps happening. We were smitten by her modeling abilities in her latest tests from Greece and we could now consider the 5'10 Lithuanian from Metropolitan Vilnius (signed with Elite Milan abroad) as a serious player on the current fashion scene. Development is always (or almost, or very often at least) a long time of hard work but it sometimes leaves room for some sensational leaps. Some girls are just going their way, some are running as fast as they can and Ramune is simply jumping to the next level. Higher and higher and higher again.

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  • looks so good.

    Posté par nowhere, 06-07-09 à 03:42 PM

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