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Sweet intensity for look number two  Ranya Mordanova @ Supreme (NY)

We told once that Avant Models finds avant garde faces. Was quite a pun, was quite true as well. Sounds good anyway and examples are... legions now. So, their number two is our number one today. Ranya just hit the runway again, where it has all begun for her last March. Good timing meets the look meets the management. Meets the right photographer as well. Emir Eralp shot this story with Ranya, black-haired beauty in black and white and from every possible angle. Focusing on the shapes, moving the lines, drawing a perfect portrait and capturing the intensity. Sweet intensity is in Paris now.

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  • Love love love these black and whites. so stark!

    Posté par Billy Kidd, 08-07-09 à 12:24 AM

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