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Meet Dasha !


Dasha_B_pol_11 Dasha_B_pol_12
Dasha_B_pol_13 Dasha_B_pol_14
Dasha @ Rush (Russia)

True love. Or love that is true to our tastes. Would be another title for "Meet Dasha!" and would sound perfect. But as she's not placed yet and so fresh, we thought we would keep the first one for this time. She's got the kind of look we always fall for, no matter what trend is around, no matter the market, no matter the zeitgeist. What makes a crush remains a mystery and it might be better like that. Dasha is dashing like a real Dasha and with a 5'9 silhouette plus light-red hair we couldn't overlook her. Could you ? If yes, all we'll need to do next time is to add a little more poetry to our words to match her look.

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