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For a Tango, it Takes Two

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Laura Blokhina and Queeny Van Der Zande @ Viva (Paris)

New German Vogue, new sensations and perennial FDIB-favorites. Laura and Queeny, the epitomes of editorials girls from Viva Paris (and London, by the way) sharing the spotlights and sunlights of this brand new story by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer. Naughty twins or close friends, no matter where your imagination leads you, there is much to see and to read between the lines. A perfect use of nudity - sublte rather than overexposed, smart yet daring. Classy and eye-catching. Queeny and Laura, Laura and Queeny, perfect choices for these roles, perfect anonymous icons as much as famous women in disguise. Again it's a matter of where you watch if from. Summer is always fancier on glossy paper and would even makes us miss July when it's gone.


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