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Up And Coming And Talented

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Umi Akiyoshi @ Elite (NY)

Here comes Umi again. New work, new skills and the same talent as on day one. She's not a model for long and only started recently but her abilities already seemed endless the first time we saw her. We published two of her first tests back in April and we do it again. Sunny Sunday, awesome afternoon and brand new pictures by Stefanie Pappas. An up-and-coming talent meeting another up-and-coming talent. The ballet dancer turned model meets a young photographer with a true passion for fashion, highly influenced by the designers she loves (Rei Kawabuko, Junya Watanabe and Nicolas Ghesquiere among others). Vivid, full of emotions, Umi (5'8"5) looks like the perfect character for this story (build with the stylish help of Melissa Flores) playing with lines and colors: black, white, red, sleekness and motion.

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