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Ford's Hot Faces + Heat Waves



It's been raining since the sun woke up this morning but Ford NY keeps the heat alive on a dark-grey July day. We love packages and we love them to surprise us, we love when they use a magical formula to find the right medley. Here we go. Some of these summer stunners (love this expression and it sound more appropriate than ever) were already featured because we love them since the day we saw their polas (Natasha, Juliana, Jacquelyn). Some others are the nicest surprises of this week and we'll featured them again as we officially love them now.
Add the strength of an eye-appealing, eye-catching visual to strengthen the strength (we love pleonasms) of a non-stop rising new faces board. From relentless scouting (a handful of America, a teaspoon of Eastern Europe and a touch of Switzerland) to a smart, focused development: the birth of a trademark. Mark this day and save some dates for the future. And right now, follow the red thread and remember these names. Or just feel the heat at Ford.


  • Scouted

    Proud to say I scouted Hannah Sobisky in Utah! Go girl!!

    Posté par Erin, 24-07-09 à 01:07 AM
  • Hannah Sobisky will be MAJOR, just you wait and see!

    Posté par CC, 24-07-09 à 10:33 AM
  • dghfb

    omg i love your blog, i'm totally following!

    Posté par Lilee, 24-07-09 à 12:29 PM
  • I have to say that it's abit funny that Allaire's eyes are so alluring. I love!

    Juliana seems to be have that editorial air about her.

    Posté par AX80, 24-07-09 à 01:48 PM

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