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Kati @ AL Models

It's not always about promoting models, not always showcasing for the sake of the introduction in itself. Some of our choices are simply inspirations. Looks that build our vision, looks that makes the modeling world move forward. Little steps in a career that sometimes turn into bigger steps for the next generation's aesthetic. Sometimes we're just moved by that simple statement: here is a face we like. We are always thrilled by any new girl arriving at AL Models, without exception. Always thrilled by the highly selective and extremely focused management they provide. Kati is maybe the epitome of an AL newcomer and she embodies more than anyone else the high level you can expect from their models.

We are at this time of the year when waiting becomes fascinating, when things are shaping in front of us while others will remain in the shadows and silence. Surprises come with September. We're just waiting, watching, wondering. We're waiting like our friends from New York are waiting for the lightnings to disappear, like our friends from London are waiting for the pouring to stop, like our friends in Paris are waiting for this evening when their holidays begin. And while waiting, we need that inspiration. Typical moments of Summer when dreaming of the future is for free. Fall will arrive and we'll stop dreaming. Fall is for real.

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