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Chelsea_Goodwin_NY_Models2 Chelsea_Goodwin_NY_Models3
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Chelsea Goodwin @ New York Models (NY)

Ksenia, Lindsey, Jasmine, Kati... and now Chelsea. We keep the mood alive, keep the fresh aesthetic. We were just dreaming about fall (while we would have to enjoy this Summer's sun, right ?) and couldn't help thinking about the times when trees get their mahogany outfits. Exactly when we rush to Paris for the shows. Excitement. Etc. It might sound closer and closer, we don't forget that New York fashion week takes place before and agencies from Paris are having their holidays now. So, let's turn to our latest crush at New York Models, Chelsea Goodwin.

Fresh as fresh can be and you might think the same while looking at her recent tests above. Chelsea comes from the same agency as the one and only Bailey Barger (also with New York Models and currently on Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti new ads), M.M.T. Agency. One of the most reliable source of American models that will always impress us for both their level and the way they take care of their girls. Chelsea signed with NY Models on the late days of Spring and has already begun to build her portfolio, relying on her natural talent, 5'9"5 height and much expressive green eyes. And this is no dream, her book is for real.

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    tjs d'aussi belles photos....

    Posté par Lilou, 31-07-09 à 02:58 PM

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