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The Mandarinas by Jordan Doner

Alexandrina @ Mandarina (Romania)

Anastasia @ Mandarina (Romania)

Eliza @ Mandarina (Romania)

Oana @ Mandarina (Romania)

Olga @ Mandarina (Romania)

Raisa @ Mandarina (Romania)

Alexandrina was already featured a while ago, Olga has quickly reached a perennial favorite-status here, Raisa and Eliza were in our agency round-up of last week and the last two, Oana and Anastasia have their moment of spotlights for the first time on our page. Makes a whole bunch of stunners from Mandarina Models and the good idea was to organize a shoot with all of them in the most unexpected atmospheres, with the most unexpected attitude. The good idea was also to hire a stunning photographer and Jordan Doner (featured in an article we did on Alyona Zubakina earlier this Spring) was the one for that job. Capturing what makes them captivating.

So, what are the latest news on the Mandarinas ? This question might take more than just one post to answer properly but we can already give you a few hints on what's next for them. Alexandrina is getting ready for a full season (with Major New York, Major Paris and Beatrice Milan) while you can expect some surprises from Olga. We could even say you should expect the unexpected but that's already another story. Raisa keeps growing on us and Eliza's potential gets confirmed by these new tests, Oana (new girl from Romania) and Anastasia (trust the face) might be two more to watch. Makes a lot as you can see and it's almost impossible make it short and fast. Let's just wait for our next piece and enjoy Jordan's work today. Powerful package, precious pieces.

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  • I want Olga! splendid.

    Posté par Billy Kidd, 05-08-09 à 03:21 AM

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