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Mighty Maaike


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Maaike @ SPS (The Netherlands)

We remember Maaike's polas from the beginning of this year, when the agency representing her in Barcelona (Uno) told us about the latest treasure they added to their board. It wasn't hot or breaking news at that moment, just the cutest way to introduce a new girl. Credit to SPS Model Management in Amsterdam for finding this incredible youngster (and young star in making), credit to them as well for her development and placements. Both in such a wise way, following the strong line they've established for various other of their mighty models (including our favorites Amy Post, Merel Zoet and Willemijn Koppelman). Maaike should travel soon and she's already in very reputable hands abroad while her development continues and even goes wild in front of Jonathan Waiter's camera (which also shot our darling Kelly from Ragazza). We know him for and owe him this uncanny ability to let explode the hidden sides of the models. The wild side, the strong side, the cute one and the overall neverending drama. Maaike looks so impish, sweet and fearsome at the same time.

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  • she's seriously my favourite girl

    Posté par ari, 06-08-09 à 12:01 AM
  • She looks incredible! Every single outfit is so well complimented by the model and her moody yet versatile expressions. x

    Posté par Faridah, 06-08-09 à 12:33 PM

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