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April Kargard @ Mode (Canada)

We did a feature on Auguste in July with an eponymous title, we're doing now April in August but won't use the same trick twice. New girl, new vibe, new title. April is one of the newbies from Mode Models who have caught a lot of attention from good eyes all over the past months. She's now making her way in New York with Wilhelmina, among that completely revamped Development board we praise so much. Totally fitting the new aesthetic of the agency, with quite an unique look relying on freshness and even innocence, April combines it effortlessly with her 5'9"5 silhouette. The latest piece of her portfolio we've been able to see are taken from Bradford Gregory's test series. A balanced blend of fun and drama where you will easily notice that April can change a lot stepping in front of the camera. These were Bradford's words and our own observations. Are we watching the making of an ironic icon with a touch of inventive innocence ?

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  • Maybe it's just me but she reminds me of Allison Harvard.

    Posté par AX80, 05-08-09 à 05:14 PM
  • love her! she is beautiful and also really talented!

    Posté par Szindaj, 06-08-09 à 09:36 AM

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