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Meet Kate !


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Kate Krasnoshokova @ Image Discovery (Ukraine)

Image Discovery used us to their cute, fresh and fantastic young ladies. A whole bunch, all sensational. Newest girl from their relentless Ukrainian scouting is Kate (17-years-old)) and if she dares another look, another vibe she keeps the level at the same height. The brunette with brows is tall (5'11"5) and can rely on her deep green eyes to impress, leaving an immediate mark in everyone's mind. Presence, presence and more presence in front of that camera that just took her first digitals. Just a quick intro, maybe, but five views were enough to leave us a little idea of the endless potential that was hidden here and getting ready to be developed. Discovery first, then exploration.

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  • Shes really nice

    Posté par Shaina, 10-08-09 à 08:40 AM

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