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Joie de Vivre

McKell Martin @ Elite (NY)

McKell Martin, genius in making at Elite, New York. Innate talent, geniune in front of the camera. And nobody else than Jonathan Leder, no other photographer, could have captured her that way. Captured is the word, the keyword. His raw yet slightly sleek aesthetic was perfect to highlight McKell's fresh and unique look (true to the signature of her mother agency, Pulse Management). Take "the most special one of her generation" and make sure she's got the perfect materials in her book, as easy as it seems. Take the "cutest of the cutest" and make sure she looks even cuter. Makes her stunning and subtle. As easy as it sounds and you've got the verdict from the photographer's mouth: simply "amazing". No need for more, three pictures and one word. Right to the point. Target!

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