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Meet Meryt !
Meryt @ MJ Models (Estonia)

Despite the well-know fact that time is always running against us, it's never too late. On another hand it can be too early for some girls. Too young, too small, not ready to show and to work abroad which means no need for being promoted online. Though, if we first thought it was a little early for Meryt, we also know that some very precious young ladies need a special care right from the start. Meryt is still young, never went abroad of course and only scores a little above 5'7. Most likely not enough to catch her part of the international big cake but her face is obviously something to remember and you'd better write down her name now. With her natural talent to pose, without trying to hard and her sweet yet slightly wild expressions, there is a lot to expect from this Estonian (from MJ Models, home of Hanna Paat and Karmen Pedaru among others). Grow, Meryt, grow. Sit down and wait but make sure you've fastened your seatbelt already now.

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