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Martina's Masterpiece


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Martina Correa @ New York Models (NY)

The whole issue is awesome (the price gets lower, the contents get more expensive) but if we have to be completely honest, we bought it only for Martina Correa. Huge all-time favorite of ours and one of the most talented model of her generation, one of the most unique-looking as well, we were waiting for this moment for a little while already. We heard of something going on with her yet it remained uncertain until we had the magazine in our hands. See the UK Elle fonts, the editorial and smell the fresh glossy paper. Ultimate. Shot by Matthias Vriens (styled by Anne-Marie Curtis) and featuring some masterpieces of the season, it's for sure a masterpiece in Martina's portfolio as well. Delicate poses and subtle expressions are absolute must-sees, highlighted by the right styling and light-grey background. Martina as we would have painted her.

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    i am so happy to see this! martina is one of my favorite all time models -- she is such a dream to work with. so glad to see her achieving all of this! she is amazing and deserves the best.

    Posté par Kristiina, 19-08-09 à 08:06 PM

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